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Acupuncture treating on an emotional level, not just physical.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Did you know acupuncture is able to treat on an emotional level and not just physically?

I'm sure I am not alone when I say I have had moments where I want to rip my hair out or scream at the top of my lungs for what feels like no reason. I have had moments where I would burst into tears, not knowing exactly where this emotion was stemming from. The tears would just flow when I would hear a song on the radio or smell a particular fragrance. I would later come to realize, once I took a step back from my overwhelmed self, that there is more to this emotion that I'm feeling.

Emotions that have been repressed or suppressed will eventually find their way to the surface and will show themselves either emotionally or physically. Anger spurts, easily irritable, crying for no apparent reason, physical pain, skin rashes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and etc. will all show up due to holding on to unresolved emotions.

Acupuncture helps to release these stagnate emotions by allowing the blood and energy to flow freely and smoothly as it should naturally. In doing so, the blood and energy are able to detox the body of toxins that build up in our muscles and tissues creating physical symptoms. When blood is flowing freely, so is our energy. The different bodily systems are being fueled properly which allows them to work efficiently.

There are points all over the body that help to release these emotions little by little. Some points can range from the head, the wrists and hands to the legs and feet. Each point has a specific function by itself but also multiple functions when combined with other points on the body. Combine a few of these points together to create a synergistic network.

So next time you feel the blood pressure rise or crying randomly, it might be a time to check in to see what has been hidden underneath and give the body a release.

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