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1) Does acupuncture hurt?


It is common to feel a slight pinch  that is the equivalent of an ant bite. Most patients, however, do not feel anything. 

2) What can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treat?

There are a number of conditions in which TCM can help with. Naming a few: arthritis, digestive issues, migraines, allergies, stress, sciatica, high blood pressure, skin disorders, and pain (acute/chronic).

3) How long is a session?

A typical session varies between 35 minutes to 60 minutes.

4) How many sessions would be needed?

This would be determined based on what it is you are being seen for and the treatment plan.

5) What should I expect during treatment?

Depending on the treatment, you will be asked to get comfortable either face up or face down on the treatment table. The practitioner will guide you through the treatment plan for that session. Relaxing music will be playing to relax, let go, and enjoy any of the therapies given. 

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