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  • Jessica Escobedo, L.Ac.

The Other Side of the 2020 Struggle

It’s hard to say “new year, new me” with the start of 2020. We are only four months in and already have experienced some pretty hard hits. When things just keep adding up, where does it all go from here?

Adjusting to this new “norm” has everyone on edge and out of place. Is it really so crazy to spend this much time at home with our loved ones or roommates? Given so much time to allow more self reflection and more physical rest and recuperation from all the daily stress of work, commuting, office stress, home life, and all that is in between? I find this to be a scary and uncertain time for all of us. However, we are all in this together. It could be seen as one of the biggest global struggles we all face together.

During the entire pandemic thus far, it has rained here in Los Angeles county just about every day since it began. I even heard a report on the news the first week into the quarantine, Los Angeles’ air quality was the best it had ever been! Just with one week of full rain and most people off the road! Isn’t that insane. A time when the Earth is able to cleanse, replenish, and renew itself. One step made a huge impact already.

I took my perspective deeper with this and thought, why can’t we all do the same? It can be extremely difficult with the current situation dealing with a house full of people, even with children and having to be the parent and teacher. Having a newly makeshift office at home or even worried to find an income to begin with. Even those who have a loved one in need of care and support due to being ill. Of course, there is the worries of income, housing, bills, and etc., but what about physical, mental and emotional health...overall well-being. Don’t forget those aspects need just as much attention as the others.

This time could be seen as the time to give yourself the tender love and care your body, mind, and soul could use. There are healthcare workers, who are helping to provide their services for free or at a lower cost. If you like to connect with a healthcare professional and not sure where to start, feel free to email us at Tending to the inner work by healing through self care and self love.

In the end, don’t forget about yourself.

Sending love & light ❤️✨

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