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Teas to Incorporate For Summer

So we are in deep with the Summer season with its warmth and what feels like rising temperatures every day. As the weather fluctuates, especially here in Southern California, it reminds us to adjust the foods during the hotter months.

During this Summer time madness, we turn to ice cream, A/C units, and pools to help stay cool but did you know you could could also use teas! Most people when thinking of tea, believe they are mainly for the winter months to stay warm. However, many cultures utilize teas to stay healthy and cool during the hot season.

How do teas keep you cool?

As a hot beverage, the herbal drink assists the body in sweating which is then evaporated on the surface of the skin. They also have nutrients to keep the body moving in the right direction while the Summer’s sun beats down on us.This in turn regulates the body's temperature, keeping you cool while its warm out. Another way the ancient drink keeps the body's temperature maintained is through the cooling properties of the herbs themselves. Each herb or food has a particular temperature property that is felt in the digestive system and throughout the body. When consumed, the cooling effect of a cool or cold property herb or food is processed and cools off the body internally. In doing so, this helps the different systems of the body stay in check such as digestion, circulation, metabolism, soothe the nervous system, and aids the immune system.

It is good to note that not every herbal tea has cooling properties. The temperature property varies with each tea and how the herb(s) are prepared. If you are unsure, it is always a good idea to research the tea you wish to drink first to see if it would be beneficial for you and that season.

Here are just a few of my favorite go-to's during the Summer madness.

Mint Tea

Mint is such a cool herb. It is used in many recipes and has a potent cooling effect. It is great for the Summer time to stay at ease. This tea is great for inflammation, digestion upset, headaches, and keeping irritability at bay.

The tea can be made with fresh or dried mint leaves. I prefer to dry my leaves and store them away so I have them all year long. I like using them in my cooking but much prefer to enjoy the tea during the Summer time.

Green Tea

Green tea has been known to keep the thirst quenched and the overheating spells at bay. It does this due to its ability to relax your body, provides antioxidants, and helps to cool the internal core.

I love adding peppermint or mint to the ginger tea to really give it a little more umph!


This is one drink I love to have during the summer time. It is so refreshing! The color alone is so beautiful.

Hibiscus tea is packed with vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins B & C, magnesium, folic acid, and potassium. This helps to keep the muscle contraction flexible and maintain fluid balance which will help keep the body cool.

Lemon Cucumber

This pair is a classic! I always recommend lemon cucumber water as a refreshing beverage during the summertime. This is most famous for helping with clear skin, however, these two together are a great match to push against the warmth outside! As both have a helping hand in keeping you cool and hydrated. Each provide nutrients and antioxidants that help support the body’s functions, one of them being temperature control.

Blackberry Tea

Packed with antioxidants, this tea gives a nice boost to keep you going throughout the day. It gives a little pizzazz when it comes to hot tea. Blackberry tea helps to maintain blood circulation and diabetes.

I enjoy using fresh berries and adding it to green tea. It’s a delicious way to sweeten the day!

Give yourself a little break in the busy day to enjoy a cup of tea! Stay cool and hydrated!! 😊

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