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My Favorite 5 Air-Purifying Plants

Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Slowly exhale. The air we breathe is so much more than just an inhale and exhale to keep our bodies moving. The air we breathe is a necessity, a nourishment, a grounding experience...something most take for granted on a daily basis. As sacred as a deep breath is, so is the quality of air we take in. Have you ever stopped to think about how clean the air is around you that you are breathing into your body? It can be quite shocking.

It becomes even scarier to think during this year, we have been dealing with a pandemic, wild fires, a sky raining of ash, and now entered the cold/flu/allergy season. One can easily go to the store or purchase off Amazon air purifiers but they can be costly at the time of purchase and the filters alone can add up price wise. Crazy to think this is all at the expense of having clean air. However, there are more natural ways to go about providing cleaner air for your living space or office, plants being one of them.

I looooove plants for many reasons but providing cleaner air is a huge one. Not only do these earthly friends provide breathable air, they also provide color and bring life to a room. The plants I list in this article are not only known for their air-purifying properties but are safe for our furry friends and easy to maintain, as some plants can be toxic for them. I have to be cautious of the plants I have around, for a few of my furry companions, at times, like to munch on a leaf or two.

So let's dive in!

1) Spider Plant

This plant is great to have around the house. It combats against carbon dioxide. Great way to start your green thumb venture if you are new. While this plant is easy to maintain, it also grows fairly quickly. You will be able to repot the leaves in another pot and it will propagate on its own.

2) Gerbera Daisy

The color alone with this flower is eye catching in any room. This daisy brings with it some powerful purifying properties. While you sleep, this plant emits high levels of oxygen and removes toxins that are floating around in the air. I love to have a few of these around the house. Definitely a must have to keep by the bed and working station.

3) Snake Plant

This plant right here has to be by far my favorite from this list. If I could, I would take my snake plant everywhere I go. This plant is really easy to maintain, pleasing to the eye, and gives life to the room no matter where it is placed. Just as its fellow earthy friend, Gerbera Daisy, the Snake Plant also purifies the air at nighttime and removes harmful chemicals. Keep close to the bed and areas you spend a lot of time in.

4) Cat Palm

The Cat Palm is a sweet addition to the home or workspace. It has a tendency to grow large in size, it makes a great indoor plant for pets, and cleans the air. Easy to maintain by making sure the roots are fitted to the pot it is in and make sure to keep the soil moist. This plant will take on the maintenance from there!

5) Boston Fern

This fern is a great addition to have on the list. It is low maintenance and is a great air purifier. It does take to the liking of humidity. So keeping it near the bathroom or a place with some shade is a good option for this plant.

These are just a few of my favorites. There are so many more! This article is just a starter list. If you haven't already taken the step to introducing plants in your environment, now is a great time. Give your lungs and body the much deserved clean air with the help of our plant friends.

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