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5 Reasons to Give Dry Brushing a Try

Health is becoming more of a priority and with such focus, we are able to use different tools in order to reach it. We begin to see ancient remedies are making a comeback. One of those being dry brushing.

Dry brushing has become increasingly popular lately. It is an old tool commonly used in skin care routines. However, it is originally based from the ancient medicine of Ayurveda. It has been used for about 5,000 years as a means to prevent and fight against illnesses.

So what exactly is dry brushing?

It is an old technique using a dry bristle brush, maneuvering in inward strokes from the feet to the abdomen and the arms to the chest. Massaging the skin to detox the body of all of the toxins and waste build up that is either slowly moving or needs to get moved out of the tissues.

The traditional use of this method is performed typically in the morning for about 10-20 minutes before showering. It is best to apply gentle pressure for the skin can be sensitive to the hard bristles. More pressure can be applied on rougher areas such as the heels of the feet. It is advised to avoid dry brushing on the face, neck, chest, and genitals with the body brush. Circular motions, moving clockwise, are recommended for the abdomen. Once finished, jump in the shower starting with warm water, then adding cool water. Alternating between the two in order to get the blood flowing and to allow the detox to kick in.

So how does this detoxification work?

1) Exfoliate the Skin

The bristles are rough enough on the skin to remove the layer of dead skin. Allowing the new layer of healthy skin to appear. When this happens, the skin feels softer and looks clearer. This is the first noticeable difference when using dry brushing.

2) Clearer Pores

When exfoliating, it removes all the dirt and oil that builds up with the daily routines. There are smaller, gentler brushes made specifically for the face that help to exfoliate for clear skin.

3) Increase Energy

Performing this routine regularly in the morning wakes up the body a bit more. By stroking the skin with the brush, this gets the blood moving, unclogging the tissues with toxins that might need that extra push to make its way out of the body.

4) Assists the Lymphatic System

Unclogging the tissues and increasing blood circulation allows the lymphatic system to be drained. Our lymph nodes are the body’s mini trash bins. They are great at collecting all the waste product that has built up in us, however, they need more assistance with flushing them out. Increasing the blood circulation is one way to do that.

5) Improve Digestion

Now that we get the blood moving with all these toxins, they need a way to exit the body. The major part of this process is through our urine and stool. The circular strokes around the abdomen increase the natural flow of digestion with the intestines. Providing a smoother exit.

As an old form of preventive medicine, the body can really respond to the effects of dry brushing. When toxins are excreted from the body, this provides a healthy, natural flow for all the bodily systems, especially the immune system. Give this ancient method a try to stay fresh, clean, and remove those toxins smoothly.

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